Building Traditions of Warmth and Wellness 

In distracted, divided and noisy times, urbanites around the world are rediscovering the restorative benefits of the world’s many steam bathing traditions.  

Sauna Society Builders (SSB) was established in 2018 by 612 Sauna Society Co-op founder John Pederson and Rodney Buhrsmith to bring the wellness benefits of steam bathing to life throughout urban America with trainings, events and product development.     

John Pederson

I discovered the benefits of a regular Sauna practice as an exchange student in Helsinki. Without access to an authentic Sauna experience back home in Minneapolis, I started building. My first Sauna was a tiny house-sauna mashup called The Firehouse... I’ve been...

Rodney Buhrsmith

“As a busy dad and business development professional, I’m motivated to make wellness an every-day experience for our families and society at large…”  Rodney joined the build team for The Forge mobile sauna in 2016 after building many saunas of his own. In July 2017...

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